About Tap

Trauma Assessment Project was founded on the belief that veterans and returning military personnel who have suffered trauma are entitled to quality mental health care and fair disability compensation. Based in the Pacific Northwest and the San Francisco Bay Area, we maintain strong collaborative partnerships with programs that extend our mission of supporting the unmet restorative care needs of those who have served.

Purpose Statement

Trauma Assessment Project is dedicated to addressing the post-trauma restorative care needs of military servicemembers and veterans by:

  1. Expanding and strengthening the network of effective, well-informed restorative care providers offering their services to survivors of military sexual assault and other service-related trauma
  2. Promoting the importance of self care among clinicians, other helping professionals, and the family members of trauma survivors
  3. Ensuring that servicemembers who want out of the military are able to obtain discharge safely, expeditiously, and without loss of benefits
  4. Securing equal access to quality mental health care and fair disability compensation for veterans suffering from trauma-related disabilities